A 2 Minute Guide to Curling

Curling Clinics

In addition to regular Youth Programs, the St. Albert Curling Club hosts a number of clinics early in the season covering a broad range of topics and abilities.  Not all clinics are offered every year.  Refer to Events Registration for upcoming Clinics and Learn to Curl opportunities. 

  • Adult - Beginner
  • Adult - Intermediate
    • Delivery Technique
    • Sweeping Technique
  • Game Strategy
  • Mixed Doubles - Curling Experience required.
  • Stick Curling
    • Delivery Technique
    • 2-Person Game Rules & Strategy

Private Lessons

We have a number of Certified Coaches, and experienced curlers available to provide Private Lessons for small groups or individuals.  Sessions can be arranged through the office.  

School Programs

Our School Programs offer teachers the ability to add Curling to their curriculum.  Students are introduced to a sport that can provide a lifetime of participation and enjoyment.  Participants will learn curling fundamentals and etiquette from certified coaches or experienced curlers, their own teachers and parent volunteers.  

Note:  One adult school volunteer must accompany every 10 students.  This may include the Teacher.  Helmets are recommended.  Clean indoor shoes and warm clothing are a MUST.  

Sessions are recommended for 1.5 - 2 hours.  Cost is $7 per student.  Advance booking is required.

See also:  Little Rock and Junior Programs

For more information, click on Contact Us.

Curling 101

About the Sport

Curling has a long and rich history. While its origins are lost in the midst of time, Scottish curlers were already playing the game by the beginning of the 16th century on frozen ponds and lochs.

Their earliest equipment included stones formed by nature, each one unique. These stones often curved or “curled,” as they slid down the ice. Players used besoms or brooms to clear snow and debris from the path of the stones.

Today, curling is a game of strategy, finesse and strength, contested by teams generally comprised of four players. The principle of curling is simple – get your stone closer (than your opponents) in the center of the target circles, called the “house,” . Players of all skill levels can participate and compete even at older ages than most sports allow.

Respect, honor and tradition are core elements of the game. Curlers are close knit and you can rely on a warm welcome in curling clubs throughout the world. Camaraderie among players is inherent in the sport and tradition calls for both teams to sit together after a game, discussing what was and what might have been.

Curling Etiquette

Start with a handshake. At the beginning of the game, greet the members of the opposing team with a handshake, tell them your name, and wish them “Good Curling”.

When the game is over, finish with a hearty handshake, offer each of the players a "good game" and move off the ice. The winning curlers traditionally offer their counterparts some refreshments.

Keep the ice clean. Change your shoes. Sand, grit and dirt are the ice’s worst enemy. The shoes you wear should only be used for curling. Keep them clean.

Compliment good shots, no matter which team makes them. Respect your opponent.

Be ready. Take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered his/her stone. Keep the game moving; delays detract from the sport.

Be prepared to sweep as soon as your teammate releases the rock.

After delivering your stone, move to the side of the sheet between the “hog “ lines, unless you are the Skip. Leads and seconds are not permitted in “house” or “rings”, except when sweeping or to remove the stones after the count has been determined by the Vices.

Be courteous. Don’t distract your opponent in the hack. Sweepers should stay on the sidelines between the hog lines when not sweeping.

Place your Skip’s rock in front of the hack to help speed up the game.

All games on the ice should run approximately the same time. Therefore, if your game is an end or two behind all other games you should pick up the pace. Each player should be ready to deliver their rock when their skip puts down the broom.

Online Resources

Link for the 83-page Discover Curling downloadable manual


Link to the Discover Curling – Getting Started in Curling for Adults Instruction Videos


Link for Stick Curling video

 More Curling Videos worth a look: 

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