SAFETY continues to be a primary concern, with too many on-ice falls, often with serious consequences.  Injuries and injury prevention are major topics for our members and the 50+ Executive.  

Therefore, we have decided to promote awareness through highlighting preventative measures all curlers should take to reduce the risk of falls resulting in serious injury. 

For the second season, the 50+ Member Safety REBATES are in effect for qualified purchases of grippers, shoes and helmets from the SACC Pro Shop until our $500 limit in total rebates has been claimed; so get yours while it lasts!  (See details below)

We have gathered some suggestions, which may help reduce your risk for serious injuries:

  • Do warm-up activities prior to each game i.e. leg swings back and forth and side ways.  Limit these activities to your ability.
  • Wear head protection. Helmets are best insurance against serious head injuries in a fall. Curling Canada suggests head protection approved for snow sports is also good for curling.  We discourage the use of pointed bicycle helmets.  Other padded headwear should have a chinstrap.
  • Fall prevention begins with your feet! 
  • Check your equipment & replace grippers regularly as they do deteriorate over time. 
  • Consider retiring your slider in favour of 2 grippers for sweeping and for skips in the house.  Practice may be required if you currently use a slider as it will take some time to adjust. Please ask for help or a demonstration.
  • Step onto the ice with your gripper foot.  Be aware it takes a few moments for your grippers to cool off when first on the ice.  Warm grippers can be slippery.
  • Keep two (2) feet under your body after delivering your rock when using a slider. 
  • Ensure clothing and shoes fit properly.
  • Limit activity to your ability.
  • Stay focused - be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Never turn your back to a moving rock.
  • Remain outside the Hog Line when your opposition is delivering their rocks and do not crowd the backboards.
  • Do not run on the ice.  Move deliberately - no quick turns. 
  • Think about the safety of your teammates and opponents - for the heavy hitters - consider dialing back on the speed of your take-outs. 
  • Keep curling stones in single file. It is no longer a ‘courtesy’ to bring your opponents’ rocks out for them..  it is a potential tripping hazard. 
  • Keep the backboard area clear of brooms, sticks, bags, grippers, etc.
  • Always be alert and know where the hack and rocks are when you are moving around the house. 

We cannot over-emphasize the need to remain diligent while on the ice, and still enjoy the sport. 

So, think SAFETY FIRST - stay FOCUSED - and HAVE FUN!

2020 Safety Rebatexx

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