St. Albert 50+ Refund Policy

St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling League Refund Policies 

Updated July 12, 2020

St. Albert Curling Club Refund Policy regarding COVID related closures also applies to 50+ Daytime leagues.  
For all other situations, the April 22, 2020 St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling League policy is in effect.  

Effective April 22, 2020

Refund Policy

50+ Mixed Curling League refunds will be handled by the League Director and the Treasurer, under direction from our 50+ MCL Executive.  The SACC office will NOT deal with members directly regarding refunds of this nature. 

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds of SACC Curling Fees only. 50+ Membership fees or other club fees are non-refundable
  • Refunds will only be considered if 5 or more of the games remain in the half-season
  • Onus for refunds should be on the Member (curler) i.e. the curler must ask
  • Any refund will result in the League Director actively seeking a replacement curler. The curler receiving the refund will lose their spot and be placed on the waitlist for next season. If a curler chooses not to receive a refund because they do not want to relinquish their spot, then the curler will be replaced by an interim curler for the remainder of the half-season 
  • Refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of games remaining in the season
  • Given that our League members do sometimes have unique situations, this policy allows for exceptions to be presented to the Executive for a decision.

Refund Process:

  1. Member to advise the League Director of their inability to continue and requests a refund
  2. League Director confirms that the Member is entitled to a refund as per the Refund Policy and advises the Member of their options re: the refund and their curling spot
  3. If the Member still requests a refund:
    1. The League Director, if the request falls in line with the refund policy, advises the Treasurer to issue a refund
    2. The League Director proceeds to seek out a replacement curler from the waitlist and/or spare list.  Any fees collected from the replacement curler will be considered spare fees
  4. If the Member decides not to receive a refund, then the League Director works with the Spare Coordinator to obtain a replacement curler for the remaining games
  5. If the request falls outside the Refund Policy, the League Director has the option to make a proposal to the Executive for a refund on an exception basis.

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