Spare Policy Changes for 2020-21 Season at SACC

ALL SPARES MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF SACC. Only If you are not registered on a SACC team or league (including 50+Daytime or Youth leagues), and you would like to spare in any SACC league, then you MUST register as an Associate Member of SACC (subject to an annual fee of $5). 

Don't have an account?  If you do not have log-in credentials for an existing SACC account, then please contact the office, they will create one for you. 

Have an existing account?   Log-in to and select Membership & League Registration from the MEMBERS HOME menu.


Step 1 - complete/update all of your personal & contact informtion, then Select Yes-Associate at the bottom of the page before going on to "Continue With My Sign-Up" 

Associ Spare2


You will skip the steps to confirm leagues and go directly to Step 4 - Waivers and onto Step 5 - Confirmation of Information and Step 6 - Payment.  
Once you have completed the online payment of the $5 Associate fee, you may move on to Step 2. 

If you have any difficulties with the process, please contact the office directly for assistance. 


Step 2 -  Add your name to the Spare List for any SACC league(s) where you wish to spare. Log in, and Select "My Sparing Availability" from the MEMBER'S HOME menu.

This will bring up the list of all leagues that are open for Spares.  Simply complete the entry for each league you are available to spare in, and don't forget to click on SAVE button, bottom left. 

My Sparing Avail2

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