2019-20 League & Membership Registration in 6 easy steps:

NOTE:  You must be logged into YOUR Member account in order to complete your League or Youth Program registration.

50+ Mixed & Stick (daytime) League Registration is not being done online.  Refer to 50+ Information for details. If you wish to be an Associate 50+ member to be granted practice ice privileges or membership confirmation for competitions requiring club affiliation, there is a $5.00 fee.  

If you only wish to Spare in any league - you will do that separately under My Sparing Availability from the Member Menu.
If you are a SINGLE and want to get on a team in another league, please add yourself to the 'Free Agent List' from your Member Menu.
Click on "Proceed to Registration" at the bottom of the article titled "Membership & League Registration" on the Member's Home page.

STEP 1 - Personal information

Please complete or make any necessary corrections  to your personal information.
Note: Gender and Birthdate are required - your league eligibility is be based on this. For example – If you said you were a FEMALE, you will not have the option to signup for MEN’S Leagues or ADULTS for YOUTH Leagues, thus giving less chance for error. 
If you are not a member of any League, you may choose to become an “Affiliate Member” (see info  HERE).  Select this option at the bottom of STEP 1.   You may use the BACK button at any time to come back to STEP #1.

STEP 2 - League Selection

League signup is by Team only.  (except Wednesday U18)

If you are part of a returning team, you will see 'Hold Your Spot' beside the League name.   Click on the ‘League Name’, and confirm your teammates for this season.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  The FIRST person to confirm the team roster - with names and positions - is the one who sets the team and fixes the registration cost for the rest of the team.  Once the team roster is locked, it may only be changed by contacting the office....  So, PLEASE - if you are the first one of your team to register - ensure the roster is correct before you click to continue! 
If you wish to join one of our new leagues, ex.  Mixed Doubles, you simply select the ‘League Name’ and follow the prompts to enter your TEAM

If a League is marked FULL, you may add your TEAM to the wait list.

Youth Programs are also open for registration.

For Little Rocks, Junior Leagues and STAJED, all signups are Individual. Youth registrants must fill in the required information on the "Youth Info tab" in their profile before completing their registration. 

STEP 3 - Membership Options

Only those members who paid for a locker last season have an option for renewal. Note: If you shared a locker, we have set only ONE member with the option to renew & pay. As a courtesy, please let us know if you no longer require a locker as we have a wait list.  If you do not currently have a locker, you may add yourself to the waitlist if you wish one.

STEP 4 - Waiver

Please read and accept the Club Waiver  & agree to the Photo Consent – this is a required field.

STEP 5 - Summary 

Your league signups, options and total fees displayed here. You must hit "Confirm my Entry" to complete your signup to receive an email confirmation. If you believe any fees are in error, please contact the office prior to confirming your entry.

STEP 6 – Payment Options

Secured online Visa or MasterCard payment instruction.  Offline payment options, and associated administration fees.
Please familiarize yourself with our Refund Policy.
For Online payments,  follow the instructions to complete your Visa or MasterCard payment.
For Offline payments, simply close the browser.  Visit or call the office to complete your payment.  All Offline payments are subject to $15 Admin. Fee.  

When you have completed all steps and payment has been accepted, your registration will be complete.  Should you abandon the process any time after STEP 2, your signup will be saved under "My Signup Info" so you may return later to confirm your registration and make payment.  It is important to note that this will ‘Hold your Spot’ until the payment deadline of June 15, but your registration is NOT fully complete until you are PAID IN FULL.

You will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one from our payment processor  "converge".

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