Member Ice Booking - Guidelines for Use

We are delighted to offer free ice time to our Members!

Ice is offered primarily for Member practice, but may be booked for small group curling outings with family & friends (max 8/sheet).

Members are reminded that they MUST be present at all times when bringing non-member / guests to the Curling Club.
Members may not book the ice for someone who is not a member and let them come to the Club unaccompanied.

Members are responsible to ensure that they, and their guests follow any guidelines for COVID-19 posted.
We want the experience to be enjoyable and safe for everyone!

Youth Members who are booking ice MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult, unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Office – Nicole &/or Taina.

Curling Information for Members & Guests


  • Appropriate Footwear
    Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes that you did not wear to the curling club. We suggest “soft rubber soles” as plastic soles are too hard and will be too slippery.
    “Court” or flat-bottomed shoes are better suited. Your outside shoes are NOT permitted on the ice - we ask that you leave them at the front door, in the boot racks provided.

  • Broom
    All curlers MUST bring their own equipment. Labelling your equipment is highly recommended.
    Please DO NOT lean brooms up against the walls as they mark the painted walls. 

  • Curling Attire
    We suggest dressing in layers of loose fitting, warm clothing that can be peeled off as you heat up...ooohlala! :-)
    Clothing with fleece on the outside is not recommended as it tends to leave “fuzz” on the ice which can cause poor ice conditions. However, fleece on the inside of clothes is fine.


  • Injury Prevention
    When wearing a slider (personal equipment) remember to step off of the backboard with your GRIPPER foot first!
    Warm up! Doing a proper warm up reduces muscle injuries and promotes a better delivery.

  • The Rocks
    Never turn your back on a moving rock!
    Never catch a moving rock with your hands or feet. It is recommended that you “cushion” the rocks speed with your broom first.  

The Ice

Our members enjoy curling on great ice and Audra and her Ice crew take great pride in making ice that is both keen and curls.
We ALL must do our part to maintain those ice conditions by:

  • Cool off your shoes/slider behind the hack for about 1 minute before your game.
  • Keep your hands and knees off of the ice - falls happen, but if you need some leverage to get up, use your broom and step up on your gripper foot.
  • Unless you are an experienced curler with a “lift delivery” please don’t lift the rocks off the ice (they weigh aprox 44lbs)







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