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WELCOME CURLERS! Our league has been in existence in St Albert since the late 1980’s.  We operate out of the St. Albert Curling Club, entirely organized and run by our own volunteer members in collaboration with the SACC General Manager & Board of Directors. 

OUR MISSION is to provide 50+ curlers in our community a place where they can come together to curl for fun and fellowship and to promote an atmosphere of friendly competition and healthy social interaction. 



2020-21 Membership & League Fees 

Annual 50+ MCL Dues:  $10
Mixed Curling - Monday & Wednesday Leagues:  $170 / draw / 20 game season
Stick Curling - Tuesday & Friday Leagues:    $120 / draw/ 20 game season

Spare Fees:  Mixed Monday & Wednesday:         Members - $5  Non-Members - $8  / game
                      2-Person Stick Tuesday & Friday:   Members - $4  Non-Members - $6 / game  

General Information for 2020-21

  1. REGULAR MIXED LEAGUES: We presently curl 2 draws Monday & Wednesday mornings at 9:00 & 11:30, with 10 weeks of curling before Christmas and 10 weeks after Christmas. Curlers register as individuals and we make up teams for each half of the year. The last 2 weeks of league curling is used for playoffs. All teams participate for trophies and prizes in a division determined by total points gained in the first 8 games. We also host the 2 day Swiss Chalet bonspiel in March which attracts curlers from St Albert and surrounding communities.
  2. 2-PERSON STICK LEAGUE: Our Stick Curling leagues play 3 draws on Tuesday mornings, and 4 or 5 x 1 hour draws each Friday. Teams are made up of two curlers. Curlers may register individually or as a team. We are a fun league with 10 weeks of curling before Christmas and 10 weeks after, including a playoff game for bragging rights each ½ season.  We host a free Stick Clinic at the start of each curling season for anyone wishing to learn how to use a Stick delivery; and a 1 or 2-day Stakes ‘Spiel each season for our members and Stick curlers from the surrounding area. We follow the Canadian Stick Curling Rules.  Disabled curlers of any age are welcome to participate in our Stick League. 
  3. REGISTRATION & PAYMENT OF ANNUAL FEES: Curlers are pre-registered for their same league(s)for the following curling season.  New curlers, and those who wish to change their day/time will be placed on a wait list for their preferred league.  Our annual Registration & Social evening is CANCELLED due to COVID.  All members are asked to register & pay online before the DEADLINE on Wed. Sept. 2, 2020.  ALL fees for the coming curling season must be paid in full on or before the September 2nd in order to retain a spot in a league. After this date, unpaid spots may be filled from the wait list in the order in which they signed up.   Refund policy in effect.  Contact Director-Regular or Stick Curling for details.   
  4. CURLING FEES:  Our curling fees are set each year by the SACC Board of Directors.  Our 50+ Mixed Curling League members also enjoy full member benefits at the St. Albert Curling Club, such as access to the Members area of the website, as well as various member social activities, including the Annual Golf Tournament and the Curlers & sponsors Appreciation Night. 
    1. Curlers: $10 annual dues are collected from each curler.  These funds go toward the cost of playoff prizes in December and March, and administrative costs of the league. This also allows curlers to spare for a reduced fee, to attend our AGM luncheon and to offset the costs of social activities, including the annual Christmas party.   
  6. SPARE FEES: Our league charges spare fees to subsidize our social activities and keep costs fair for all our curlers.  Spare fees are collected each morning at our Information Desk prior to curling. 
    1. Regular Leagues:  Member curlers, who are registered to play in the half, pay $5 for a game while non-member curlers pay $8. We have a Spare Coordinator, who arranges for our spares. Curlers who will miss a game need to notify their skip, as a courtesy, and contact the Spare Coordinator to arrange for a spare. Curlers who wish to spare should put their name on the Spare List by contacting the Spare Coordinator. 
    2. Stick League:  Member curlers, who are registered to play in the half, pay $4 for a game while non-member curlers pay $6.  Players who expect to miss a game need to contact our Spare Coordinator in advance, who will then arrange for someone to spare.  Any Stick curler who wishes to be called to spare should advise the Stick Spare Coordinator. 
  7. FUNDRAISING: We host a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year, with proceeds going toward social & wellness activities.
  8. SPONSORSHIP: We have a Sponsorship Coordinator who maintains a list of  businesses who have been approached to support our St Albert 50+ Mixed Curling League.  If you wish to contact a local business about donating gifts in kind (such as gift certificates) or for cash at any time, please contact the Sponsorship Director to obtain a copy of our donationrequest letter and to keep the Sponsor List current so we have no duplication.  And, it goes without saying, please support our generous sponsors!
  9. SOCIAL and WELLNESS: Our members enjoy a few ‘extras’, such as the occasional free treats and coffee on Member Appreciation Days; our Christmas party, our AGM luncheon and the wind-up bonspiel & banquet. We host a flu vaccination clinic in the fall, as well as various social activities, such as the Turkey Shoot, throughout the year. Members are encouraged to attend our Annual General Meeting in February of each year.  We also try to support our members and their families when they are having health and wellness issues.  If you are aware of anyone having difficulties, please contact our Past President, so he/she may reach out on behalf of our club. 
  10. DOUBLE AWARD: For each half season, we will draw for the “Double Award” for each of the Regular Draws and Stick League. A double takeout is defined as a shot which completely removes 2 opposing rocks from play.  When your team makes a double takeout, they will honk the horn, and move the Double Board to the back of their sheet. The team which is in possession of the Double Board at the end of the draw writes their 4 names (2 for Stick) onto the Double List posted on the Bulletin Board and are thereby entered into the draw for valuable prizes. Due to COVID 19, we will not have a Double Board this season.  
  11. COMMUNICATION: We encourage all members to provide their email address as a means of receiving communication regarding our Leagues as the year progresses. In addition:
    • We have a 50+ Bulletin Board in the Curling Club where draws, Double Award sheets, newsletters, calendars and other information is posted. 
    • An Information desk is set up in the main lobby on curling days where members and non-members can have general questions answered,  purchase tickets for 50+ curling events and activities and to pay spare fees.
    • This online 50+MCL Information page, Bulletin Board & Calendar are updated regularly with information about our leagues, and social events.
    • The 50+ MCL Binder located in the St. Albert Curling Club office.  The binder contains league Information, copies of recent newsletters; AGM and Executive Meeting Minutes; copies of our Spare and Refund policies;  Financial Goals & Objectives; and the Organization Chart with Executive Roles & Responsibilities. 
  12. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  We would not be able to provide such a wide range of curling, social activities and special events without the support of the 50+ curling members.  We regularly call for volunteers to assist with our various activities and encourage everyone to help out!  After-all, ”Many hands make light work… “ (John Heywood)
  13. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:  Our 2020 AGM & Luncheon is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at the St. Albert Curling Club.   We will report on the previous year’s financial and club activities, and elect the Executive for the upcoming season.  ALL members are encouraged to attend. 

Once again, Welcome to our league!                

Rod Chmiliar
on behalf of Your Executive - St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling League


rev'd Oct. 8, 2020

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